Morgrave University Course Catalog, Autumn Semester 997 YK


Before my Old Blog was committed to the local sanitarium, because of its delusions of grandeur, it was primarily used to post various extras to my Eberron Multiverse games. The second game in Complete Eberron, the most recent incarnation of Keith Baker‘s Eberron detailed the lives of the students and faculty of Khorvaire’s most prestigious college- Morgrave University.

The design of the catalog is heavily inspired by University of Delaware‘s catalog, circa 2004. If you’ve graduated from UD, you might recognize the language and course numbers. The magical curriculum was designed with help of my friend (and roomie at the time) yutakabareru. Needless to say, there were some discussions on how one teaches advanced magical sciences on Morgrave’s shoe-string budget.

I was pushed into posting the catalog by fellow Eberron DM @petersonsdc and my friend @nello_puddin. Without them, my Old Blog would not exist.

Complete Eberron: Morgrave is currently on hiatus. See your academic adviser about enrollment.


Morgrave University

A Beacon of Knowledge Shining from the Tallest Towers
Autumn 997 YK to Spring 998 YK

A Beacon of Knowledge from the Tallest Towers

Course Catalog for The Autumn Semester

Beginning 1st Rhann, 997 YK &
Ending   9th Vult, 997 YK

Message from the Dean

Your decision, dear Student, to attend to Morgrave University is truly on of the Momentous Choices you will ever make as a young Adult. It is a Choice to live a life of Adventure, carrying on the traditions of Breland’s Greatest National Hero, my Bold Ancestor, Lareth ir’Morgrave!

As he sailed up the Hydra River in Xen’drik, in his Quest for the Fabled Fountain of Everlasting Life, he knew that in order to continue his Legacy, he had to provide for Future Generations of Explorers. You will gain the necessary Skills and Experience at Morgrave University to become one of the Most Renowned Adventurers in Eberron.

Morgrave University’s numerous Courses and Apprenticeships will give you the Skills required to begin your Life of Adventure. In Morgrave’s classrooms, You will hear the Tales of Great Adventurers and Learn the Theories that will Lead to Breakthroughs in Archeology, Business, and Magical Engineering from our Honorable Professors. If you prefer more Field Work, Morgrave University offers the most Comprehensive Apprenticeship Programs in all of Khorvaire. Your Choices will Guide your Education, dear Student.

Unlike any other University in Khorvaire, Morgrave University is an International Campus. Our Study Abroad Programs are the First of Their Kind in the World, sending our Faculty and Students to deep into the Unexplored Jungles of Xen’drik, the Dark Continent. Under the Protection of the Morgrave Outreach Association, the University’s Adventuring Guild, students can participate in Excavations around Stormreach, learning First Hand about the Ancient Giant Civilizations that dominated the World.

The Class of 1001 YK is especially Fortunate. The Academic Year of 997 YK to 998 YK offers You the opportunity to Participate in Morgrave University’s First Expedition to the Forbidden City of Haka’torvhak in Q’Barra. During the Summer semester of 998 YK, you will come face-to-face with the Dreaded Black Dragon that protects the Necropolis. While the Autumn Semester of 997 YK will allow new Students to experience the Glorious Government of Brelish Democracy in action! My brave Cousin, Laird Graham Rove, a Morgrave alumni and Larethian Explorer of Xen’drik, is continuing his Adventures by campaigning for City Councilor of Upper Menthis, Sharn. With Fighting Giants Spirit, I am Confident that We, the Students and Faculty of Morgrave University can defeat the Incumbent, my tailor, the Zil gnome Thurik Davandi!


Larrian ir’Morgave


Course Catalog

Arcane Theory

ARCN 409: Spell Syntax I

An introduction to the Syntactical School of Arcane Theory. Students will learn how to read and interpret scrolls, spell books, and analyze magical sentences.

ARCN 453: Simulation of Arcane Networks

The simulation of discrete events through the use of spells in the Divination School. Using finely crafted silver wrought mirrors, environments will be reconstructed in order to determine events that are occurring in the temporal present. The use of Divination to Interpret the Draconic Prophecy will also be explored.

ARCN 481: Magical Intelligence

The creation of living constructs, specifically the basic design of the arcane-neurological networks that are contained in every living constructs’ brain. Problem formation, search strategies, and the application of logic are analyzed. Students will dissect dead living constructs.


ARCH 103: Introduction to Archeology

Concerning the history of archeology, methods of fieldwork and artifact analysis, theories of humanoid behavior in research. The adventures of Lareth ir’Morgrave will be used as a model for the modern archeologist.

ARCH 251: Sharn’s Pre-Galifaran Anthropology

Concerning pre-Galifaran societies in along the Dagger River. The customs of the Sharaat peoples and their artifacts discovered in Sharn’s ruins. Professor Henry “Bowser” Templeton will regale students with stirring tales of his explorations.

ARCH 401: Applied Tomb Raiding in Xendrik

Concerning the architecture and artifice of the tombs of the Giant kings. Analysis of traps, riddles, and tomb ecologies. The final examination will include a simulation of the dangers that dungeoneers experience in the Tomb of Elemental Evil. This course may not be taken Pass/Fail. Failure means injury and possible death! This course is required for archeology students interested in Morgrave’s study abroad programs in Stormreach.

Divine Applications

DIVN 101: Humanoid Anatomy

An introduction to the study of humanoid anatomies, providing a foundation for the future study of humanoid physiologies. Includes an overview of the anatomies of the dominant races of Khorvaire.

DIVN 222: Magical Pharmacology

The production of curative potions. Their ingredients, the alchemical processes used to synthesize them, and the nature of the positive energies used in their creation. The proper administration of these potions in the field will be covered. The practical applications of curative potions will also be taught. The final exam will include the creation of one curative potion without instructor assistance.

DIVN 241: Magical Basis for Nursing

Examines pathophysiological concepts as a magical basis of disease processes. The effects of lycanthropy and other magical diseases on humanoid anatomies will be examined. The treatment of diseases victims through divine spells, such as Remove Disease, will be emphasized.

Druidic Sciences

DRDS 300: Principles of Animal and Plant Genetics

Introduction to the principles of sensing natural environments and the basics of animal empathy.


ECON 100: Basic Economics

Concerning basic economic principles, including supply and demand, taxes, and how the Dragonmarked House regulate Khorvairan markets.

ECON 303: The Black Market & The Artifact Trade

Concerning the relationship between tomb raiders and the black market. Students will learn how to “fence” ancient artifacts “found” in exotic locations. The best places in Sharn to buy, sell, and barter artifacts away from the eyes of King’s Citadel and Sharn Watch.

ECON 390: The Dragonmarked Houses

Concerning the relationship the Dragonmarked Houses play in the regulation of Khorvaire’s economies. Analysis of the legal basis for their monopoly on magical goods and services, the formation of independent businesses separate from the Guilds, and how each of the Five Nations interacts with the Twelve.

Foreign Language Studies

DWARV 105: Elementary Dwarven I

Introduction to Dwarven alphabet and language, development of basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

DWARV 106: Elementary to Intermediate Dwarven II

Continuation of Elementary Dwarven I. Increasing mastery of the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, etc.

DWARV 107: Intermediate Dwarven III

Strengthening grammar skills, continued practice in speaking, listening, writing, and reading through conversation, texts, and songs.

Other Languages: Elven (Aereni, Valenar, Drow dialects), Gnome, Orc, Reidran, Goblin, Conversational Draconic for non-Magic-Users, Giant, Common (Brelish) as a Second Language.


HIST 101: Early Khorvairan History

Concerning Khorvairan history beginning with the rise and fall of the Dhakanni Empire and the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar (1 YK).

HIST 103: Eberronic History I

Concerning the earliest creation myths about the Three Progenitor Dragons (Eberron, Siberys, Khyber), the Wars of the Dragons, including their battles with the Demons and Giants. Special emphasis will be placed on the early Giant civilizations in Xendrik.

HIST 270: History of Modern Sarlona

Concerning the conquest of the early Sarlonan kingdoms, Reidran isolationism, and the current relationship between the Khorvairan nation-states and the kingdom of Reidra.

HIST  323: Karnnath during the Last War

Concerning Karnnathi society during the Last War. Topics include The Long Winter, Karnnathi battles with Cyre in the Talenta Plains, and the rise of the Blood Cult. Special attention will be paid to the decisions of King Kaius I during this period in his nation’s history.

Magical Engineering

MIEG 302: Magical Differential Equations: Scroll Inscription

Solutions and applications of magical differential equations used to inscribe spells on scrolls. Techniques include basics of spell inscription on parchment, the tools required to do use, and an introduction to more advanced techniques, such as the inscription of multiple spells on the same scroll.

MIEG 305: Spell Processing I: Wand Construction

The application of Spell Trigger Theory of Magic Item Production in the creation of wands. The mathematics of spell charge calculations, the effects of metamagic techniques, and the processing of multiple spells on the same wand will be examined.

MIEG 306Spell Processing II: Staff Construction

Advanced application of Spell Trigger Theory in the production of Staves. Utilizing skills learned in MIEG 305, students will calculate charges, examine metamagic effects, and understand the basics of staff construction.

Military Theory

MILT 106: Basic Military Theory

Concerning basic military principles. Students will learn to rappel, use a map and compass, and familiarize themselves with the basic traditions and ceremonies of the Brelish military. No military obligation associated with this course.

MILT 206: Elementary Military Theory

Concerning core military theories. This course builds on the basic principles learned in MILT 106. Students learn how to use swords and crossbows, develop public presentation abilities, and enhanced leadership techniques with structured evaluation and feedback. The branches of the Brelish military are explained and career opportunities are discussed. No military obligation is associated with this course.

MILT 306: Applied Military Theory

Concerning the implementation of military tactics learned in previous courses. This course is designed for students preparing to join the Officer Training Corps. Focuses on leadership development through small unit leadership opportunities and counseling. Students will participate in small unit tactics and training, simulating company- and platoon-level command. Fine tunes marksmanship, swordsmanship, land navigation, and knowledge of Brelish military drills and ceremonies. This course is personally taught by Wroat Military Academy graduate, Captain Horatio “Bootless” Graves, a Veteran of the Last War. A commitment to join a Military Academy is required.

Natural Philosophy

NATP 101: Introduction to the Natural Philosophy

Concerning astronomy, geology, alchemy, the basic elements, and mundane healing techniques. Students will be introduced the empirical method, critical thinking, and the divinization of natural occurrences in their world.

NATP 109: Elementary Geological Discipline

Concerning the principles of the geological discipline. Topics include the formation of mountains, cave networks, predicting the locations of dragonshard deposits, and an overview of dungeon ecologies.

NATP 110: Elementary Alchemy

Concerning the principles of the alchemical discipline. Students will learn which ingredients are needed to produce basic alchemical items, such as acid, alchemist’s fire, a sunrod.

NATP 309: Introduction to Dragonshard Prospecting

Concerning the basic techniques of dragonshard prospecting. Students will learn how to identify, classify, and locate Eberron, Siberys, and Khyber shards in simulations of field exercises. Morgrave University also offers this course in Xen’drik.

NATP 310: Intermediate Alchemy

Concerning the application of theories learned in Elementary Alchemy. Students will produce with instructor supervision the following alchemical items: acid. The final examine will require students to produce acid without supervision.

NATP 409: Applied Dragonshard Prospecting

Concerning the application of the techniques learned in NATP 309. Students will form hypothetical “prospecting companies”, using the skills learned in previous courses. They will begin mining for dragonshards in Breland or Xen’drik. These dragonshards will then be “sold” to Morgrave University faculty. Morgrave University offers this course and NATP 309 as an apprenticeship in Stormreach.

Necromantic Arts

NECS 606: Research

Independent research project designed with Academic Advisor and Necromantic Arts Professor.

Psionic Theory

PSIC 314: Brain and Behavior

Study of brain mechanisms underlying hunger, sex, aggression, learning, memory, perception, sleep, and waking. The basic understanding of these mechanisms will be applied to other psionic techniques learned in future courses.

PSIC 411: Brain and Magic

Study of the brain under the conditions of many “mind-affecting” psionic powers and magical spells. The effects of these spells and powers on humanoid behavior will be examined under controlled circumstances. Students will participate in a laboratory experiment in which certain, select spells and powers will be tested.


RHET 101: Great Khorvairan Rhetoricians

Concerning a survey of the theories of Khorvaire’s greatest thinkers, including Galifar I, writings of the First Brelish Council, and an account of Tira Miron’s miracles.

RHET 102: Introduction to Rhetoric

Concerning the basic esoteric problems of the Age, including, the nature of good and evil, whether there are gods, and the nature of reality.

RHET 200Business Ethics

Concerning ethical theory applied to the moral problems in business. Topics include an analysis of the Korth Edicts, the responsibility of the Dragonmarked Houses to consumers and workers, and actions the Khorvairan nation-states can take to regulate the Guilds.

RHET 320: The Metaphysics of The Draconic Prophecy

Concerning free will, familial inheritance of destiny through Dragonmarks, predestination, and how the Prophecy shapes the universe.  Brother Xenophon Theodosius d’Thuranni explains his “Theory of Everything,” unifying divine, arcane, artifice, and even psionics into one comprehensive cosmology. Belental Heirm’s Deviant Celestia is required reading.

Apprenticeship Programs

At Morgrave University, we understand that sometimes Experience is the best teacher for a student, so with this in mind, our school offers many apprenticeship programs around Sharn. These programs provide students with access to Masters of Adventure, Business, and Magic. While taking courses at the university part-time, a student can supplement his or her courses with an Apprenticeship for Credit, providing him with not only the resources required to enter his chosen occupation with confidence, but the experience to compete in the highly competitive spheres of Adventure, Business, and Magic. If you are interested in pursuing an Apprenticeship, please contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Masters of Adventure

Morgrave Outreach Association Apprenticeship Tours

Young adventurers eager to begin their careers can apply for Apprenticeship Tours with the Morgrave Outreach Association, protecting their fellow students and instructors, while learning vital skills needed to survive in hostile environments. Students will learn from active adventurers in the field of dungeoneering and tomb-raiding. These Adventurers are personally hired and approved by Morgrave University, ensuring that they are the best of the best in all of Eberron. Graduates of this apprenticeship program include King Boranel’s nephew Lujaad ir’Wynarn, who is currently slaying giants and savage drow for the riches of Xen’drik!

Masters of Business

Little Barbarian Breweries’ Journeyman Innkeeper Program

Sharn’s legendary barbarian cook, “Gag” Great Spoon, chairman and founder of Little Barbarian Breweries personally invites Morgrave University students to become apprentices in one of his inns. Each year, Master Great Spoon personally selects the most inventive, competitive, and driven Morgrave students to train under the very authorities in the fields of hospitality, business, and magecraft. During their apprenticeships, students will participate in the Twelve-sponsored Olladra Cup, in which they will own and operate their Little Barbarian Breweries inn, competing against other apprentice-run independent and Guild inns on Sharn’s mean streets. Graduates of this apprenticeship program include the famous warforged cook Twister, who regularly creates delicacies enjoyed at the monthly Tain Gala, and the founder of Karnnathi Fried Chicken, Colonel Corben ir’Laffoon.

Masters of Magic

Item Creation Corporation’s Arcane Archivists Program

The mysterious inventor Ein Zelteil has thrown open the doors of his immense Warehouse #13 for Morgrave University students with an adventurous nature and intense devotion to the artifice of Magical Items. In an undisclosed location somewhere in Sharn, Item Creation Corporation’s Warehouse holds artifacts and magical items of such immense power they were not meant for the Eyes of Man. Master Zelteil annually selects the best of best students of acane magic and artifice in order to study these mysterious artifacts with the hope of understanding the Very Nature of Reality. These lucky few will act as archivists and researchers, working under Item Creation Corporation’s best inventors and arcane engineers, leading Breland and all of Khorvaire into a glorious Future! Graduates of this apprenticeship program include Ein Zelteil’s current CEO of Item Creation Corporation, the dwarven genius Matrox III ir’Lorenz.

Officer Training Corps

Morgrave University Supports the Brelish Armed Forces

It is the Duty of Every Citizen to support His Nation against the Territorial Aggression of Her Enemies. Commissioned by Queen Wroann’s Generals and originally implemented in Queen’s College at Wroat, the Officer Training Corps is meant to prepare the students of Breland’s universities for Service in the Her Majesty’s Army or Navy. The Mission of the Military Theory & Officer Training Corps Program is to produce the future leaders that will defend our Mighty Nation from the threat of the Scion-Pretenders! In this program Veterans of the War will develop student’s martial prowess, responsibility, teamwork, and cultivate a “take charge” attitude.

Queen Wroann Needs You!

Since the Mandatory Service Acts of 897 YK & 912 YK, all Morgrave University Students are Required to Participate in Military Theory Courses augmented by Service in The Officer Training Corps. During the First Year of this Extensive Program, students will learn the following skills: basic use of swords and crossbows, map reading, land navigation, healing in the field, and military decorum. They will learn to Fight with Chivalry! The Second Year of the Program introduces Students to advanced leadership techniques, including elementary military tactics, a simulation of Platoon- and Company- Level Command, and will allow Brelish Army Officers to Select potential candidates for further education at The Queen’s Academy. These Cadet Candidates will be given Commissions upon Graduation.

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces Benefits

Those unable to become Cadet Candidates will Serve their Nation in its Time of Greatest Need in the Brelish General Infantry or Grand Fleet. They will be Protecting their Homeland from invaders on the Front. Their sacrifice for their Kingdom will not go unrecognized. Those who return Home will be given Scholarships to the University they left during their Tour of Duty. This Voucher is not only extended to Enlisted men and women, but is also included in The Officer’s Package. Cadet Candidates, after receiving their Commissions will receive this Voucher, along with a certain amount of Land claimed from Breland’s Enemies. Should a Soldier in Active Duty be declared Missing in Action, Killed in Action, or Prisoner of War, his or her family will receive Benefits from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. All Veterans of the War receive the Best Medical Care offered under the Sovereign Nation of Breland’s current Contract with the Dragonmarked House Jorasco.


-Acting-Dean Arcturus I ir’Devina, 5th Vult, 912 YK

-Morgrave University Registrar Press, Spring Semester, 913 YK

Study Abroad Programs

Harkening back to Lareth ir’Morgrave Expeditions up the Hydra River in 717 YK, the Tradition of Exploration is engrained in the university that bares his Name. With this tradition in mind, Morgrave University offers students the most comprehensive Study Abroad Programs in all of Khorvaire. Our faculty with the assistance of the Morgrave Outreach Association often find themselves excavating ruins deep in the jungles of Xen’drik. The university, however, has begun expanding these Programs to include the Nations of Greater Khorvaire, allowing students a chance to study in Aundair, the M’Ror Holds, and even Karnnath! Finally, Morgrave offers students the Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to meet one of Eberron’s most revered and awesome Creatures, the Legendary Black Dragon of Haka’tvorvhak in a joint Morgrave University and Wayfinder Foundation Expedition to Q’Barra’s Forbidden City.


Morgrave University’s campus in the colony of Stormreach offers programs for students interested in dungeoneering, tomb-raiding, and exploring the wonders of the ancient Giant civilizations. Students can participate in excavations around Stormreach, immerse themselves in the tribal culture of scorpion-worshiping Drow tribes, and help researchers investigating the lost Obsidian City. Those wishing to participate in archeological expeditions must have passed ARCH 401.

Xen’drik also offers students of the Natural Philosophies the once in the lifetime opportunity to prospect for Siberys Dragonshards. In a Partnership with the Successful Prospecting Company Acquisitions Incorporated, owned an operated by Laird Graham Rove, Morgrave University students can aide prospecting companies in apprenticeships in the Xen’drik’s darkest jungles. Morgrave University: Stormreach offers study-abroad students the opportunity to take NATP 309 & NATP 409 in the Xen’drik wilderness.


Deep in the jungles of Q’Barra lays the Forbidden City of Haka’torvhak, a portal to Khyber protected by a mythical Black Dragon. The Sovereign Nation of New Galifar has invited Morgrave to research this Antediluvian Metropolis from the Age of Demons. In a rare Partnership between the Wayfinder Foundation and the Morgrave Outreach Association, our scholars will petition this great Dragon for his knowledge of the Universe. Students can participate in this momentous event during the Summer semester, 998 YK.

Until this historic event, Morgrave archeologists have begun digs around Newthrone, excavating the ancient wonders of the lizardfolk tribesmen. Students will be able to lay the groundwork for the Wayfinder Expedition to Haka’torvhak, meet lizardfolk and kobold tribesmen, and gain experience selling artifacts. Courses taken in Q’Barra can be used in lieu of ARCH 401 to fulfill the requirement for studying abroad in Stormreach. Students must, however, be knowledgeable in conversational Draconic.

The Nations of Greater Khorvaire

Morgrave University is more than just a group of towers in Breland’s most prestigious and beautiful city, but a Continental campus with branches and partnerships throughout Khorvaire. Economics majors interested in banking can apply for apprenticeships in the M’Ror Holds, working with the dwarven investment companies to finance new ventures in Eberron. Natural Philosophy majors interested in pursuing a career in astronomy can study at the Starpeaks Observatory in Aundair. History majors interested in early human settlers of Khorvaire can explore old Lhazaar villages found along the coasts of Karnnath. At Morgrave University, Learning is the Adventure!

Morgrave Outreach Association

Morgrave University expeditions often send faculty members and students into the very heart of darkness. However, students who have spent more time lifting pens than swords need not worry about their lives being wasted in the name of buried treasure. The Morgrave Outreach Association is a University-sponsored Adventurers’ guild with the sole purpose of Protecting our Valued Students in the savage wilderness. Currently, the Association has begun planning its expedition with the Wayfinder Foundation to the Forbidden City of Haka’tovhak in Q’Barra. The Morgrave Outreach Association also offers Apprenticeship Tours for students less interested in lost civilizations and more interested in protecting their fellow students from dangerous savages.

Student Life

The Adventure Continues…

When Lareth ir’Morgrave founded his college, he knew that Upper Menthis’ art galleries, luxury emporiums, and four major theatres would attract the best minds in Archeology, Exploration, and the Magical Sciences to Sharn. He saw the quarter’s artists, thespians, and merchants as natural colleagues, equally as interested in reaping the benefits of Expeditions to Xen’drik as his University’s daring professors and adventurous students. With this is mind, Lareth bought and renovated Danlannan Tower in the quarter, establishing Morgrave University in 738 YK.

Admist this halcyon backdrop, Morgrave Students know that the Adventure does not end in the Classroom. In the wards around Morgrave University, students can take in plays, buy expensive clothing, partake in the best restaurants in Breland, and enjoy classical plays at Upper Menthis’ theatres. Students interested in Zil gnomish culture can enjoy the sights of Sharn’s only gnomish district, Den’iyas. In Seventh Tower, students can find the finest emporiums and restaurants in Sharn. The antiquities shops of Little Xen’drik allow students, who are not as brave for the Dark Continent’s jungles, to bring home a piece ancient Drow or Giant Civilizations. The vibrant culture of Upper Menthis continues to attract students from Khorvaire’s Nations to Morgrave University.

The Dormitories of Breland Spire

The centerpiece of Upper Menthis is the Morgrave University campus, simply known as the University district, consisting of Danlannan Tower, the University’s primary administrative building, consisting of Lareth Hall, the Dezina Museum of Antiquities, and the Library, and its five sister towers, each named after one of the Five Nations. While the University’s other Towers, provide it with numerous classrooms, laboratories, and warehouses, Breland Spire is special in that it contains Morgrave’s greatest Resource- its Students.

Breland Spire is divided into Three Halls, separating Students of different Years into their respective Communities. Boranex Hall is where Freshman and new transfer Students first get their taste for Morgrave University’s Great Adventure. It is on the lower levels of the Tower, closest to Middle Menthis. Further up the Spire is Kason Hall, where Sophomores and Juniors continue their Studies into the Mysteries of Xen’drik!  Finally, providing the best view of the City of Towers, is Wroann Hall for Seniors and Graduate Students. Each Hall provides Students with small “convenience” stores, a fully-stocked Canteen, and quiet Study rooms. Resident Assistants act as Community Leaders for their individual Floors, keeping students Informed, Safe, and Happy with regular Meetings about college life. All dormitories are augmented with the Best Arcane Security available with the Morgrave University Watch providing twenty-four hour Surveillance. Atop this Tower is Morgrave University’s Commons, the peaceful meeting place where Students can eat, study, and play games.

Extracurricular Activities

After classes, Morgrave students can watch the Fighting Giants face off against their chief rival The King’s Bears. They can walk in Lareth ir’Morgrave’s footsteps by joining Morgrave’s prestigious fraternal brotherhoods, the Antiquarian Societies. If this does not interest them, creative Morgrave Students found their own Organizations around their favorite hobbies and past-times.

Home of the Fighting Giants!

Morgrave University’s world class football team The Fighting Giants defeated their rivals the King’s University at Wroat Bears in the First Brelish Tournament of 996 YK!  While the university may be known for its cutting-edge research in ancient civilizations and archeology, it also continues to set a high standard in athletics. Morgrave University footballers regularly receive invitations from scouts from Professional Football Clubs. Former Fighting Giant’s striker Irving Armstrong now plays for the King’s Bears Club. Dean ir’Morgrave is currently in talks with other universities around Eberron about the formation of an Inter-National Inter-Collegiate Football Tournament. In the future, Morgrave students will be able to proudly represent their alma mater in the world arena.

Along with a nationally-recognized football team, Morgrave athletes compete in Skyblade jousts and even race in the Race of the Eight Winds. With the entrance of more of shifter and warforged students on the campus, The Fighting Giants now represent the first and only university hrazhak team. As a multiethnic campus, Morgrave is not only leading the way in archeological research, but also forging new frontiers in athletics.

Antiquarian Societies

The traditions of Morgrave University are over two hundred years old. They are as ancient and esoteric as the civilizations our faculty research daily. The most lasting of these traditions is the perpetuation of our two prestigious antiquarian societies, fraternal organizations where Morgrave’s Elite meet to discuss antiques, archeology, literature, and even current events and politics. The Aureon Society traces its roots back to the founding of Morgrave itself, personally established by Lareth ir’Morgrave. With the motto “Illumination by Knowledge,” the Aureon Society is famous for producing alumni who earn vital Government Positions. Amongst the Society’s honorable alumni is Lord Abner ir’Dezina, a Member of Parliament currently voting against the Antiquities Regulation Act of 995 YK. However, even old Lareth ir’Morgrave had his rivals, thus the Kol Korran Society was formed in order to compete with the Dean’s Antiquarian Society. With the motto “Counting the Costs,” the Kol Korran Society is famous for producing alumni who become Captains of Industry. Among the Society’s honorable alumni is Morgrave’s leading Antiquities Dealer, Marcus Lagos, owner of Lagos Import/Export. He is currently in Stormreach negotiating for the transportation of more of Morgrave University’s treasures. Students interested in these fraternities should meet with a Society Representative during Pledge Week.

Student Organizations

Do you have an interest in drama? How about being one of your school’s ace reporters? Maybe, you just want to brew some beer with your friends! At Morgrave University, you can do all of these activities and more! Students interested in acting should audition for The Lost Civilization Players, a student-operated theater troupe. During Autumn and Spring Semesters, the Players regularly stage performances of their latest plays in the Commons. This Autumn semester they will perform the hit play Dusk, a stirring romance between a young human woman and her immortal vampire lover. Students who fancy themselves writers should check out The Morgrave Raider, the university’s own newspaper. Known for its hard-hitting investigative journalism, Morgrave Raider reporters regularly “dig up dirt” on events around campus. Finally, students interested in drinking only the best ale on campus should consider joining The Shining Beacon Student Brewery. The Shining Beacon’s five-star Xen’drik Special lager has won multiple prestigious awards and was once Little Barbarian Breweries’ Microbrew of the Month in Therendor, 990 YK. From art to food, student life at Morgrave is a lost treasure of its own!

Morgrave University offers hundreds of student-operated organizations based around any number of interests. The requirements for creating a student organization are rather simple. If you have a group of friends, an idea for a club, and the endorsement of a faculty member, you can form an organization on campus. It is just that easy! Below is a list of organizations you can join.

  • The Gamers’ Guild
  • The Warforged Trust
  • Scions of the Last War
  • Campus Crusaders for Tira Miron, Morgrave Chapter
  • Apostles of the One
  • The Bear’s Den, the Morgrave Chapter of the Shifter Solidarity Council
  • Students for a Cyran Nation-State
  • Women’s Social & Political Union
  • Racial Awareness Organization
  • Meddling Kids, Jr. Inquisitive Agency
  • Friends of Truth
  • Model Parliament
  • The ArtiFiction Society

Dean Larrian ir’Morgrave, 15th Barrakas, 997 YK

-Morgrave University Registrar Press, Autumn Semester, 997 YK



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