Yuki is a Pimp! The Cardcaptor Sakura Drinking Game

I’ve always considered myself to be a generalist geek, which means I like to survey of all available fandoms from Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming to Doctor Who to otaku-dom. Since the end of senior year of college, I even join my friends at Otakon, partaking in a mix of Asian cinema and random anime. Recently, yutakabareru introduced me to Cardcaptor Sakura, a hilarious anime by CLAMP. Due to its formulaic nature, while we were watching, I was able to come up with drinking game rules on the spot. The following are the rules I posted on twitter. Warning: They may result in death! Don’t drink and drive.

The Rules

Sure, they look innocent...

You’ll need the following for this drinking game.

  1. Friends, cause drinking alone is lame. If they cosplay as their favorite Cardcaptor Sakura characters, then they don’t have to bring food.
  2. Alcoholic beverages, cause it is a drinking game!
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura-themed food, like traditional Japanese food, sweets, especially cakes, etc.
  4. The Internet, cause you might have to use google links to music, videos, etc.

When to Drink

  • Drink whenever Yamazaki lies about the episode’s topic. Come up with a tall tale like him, if you’re not drunk.
  • Drink once if anybody says, “kawaii!” Say the word with the characters in an irritatingly kawaii fashion.
  • Guess the card(s) Sakura uses to seal this week’s Clow Card, losers drink once. Losers drink twice if Li gets the card. Losers drink thrice, if Meilin helps Li get the card. If Sakura seals the card through puzzle solving, losers who incorrectly guess the solution drink. If the players need clues, like Sakura, and lose, they have to finish their glass/bottle.
  • Everybody drinks & sings Will Smith’s “Men in Black,” when Tomo’s bodyguards make an appearance.
  • Drink if anybody mistakes a Clow card for a “ghost” or “spirit.” Sip your drink for each of Sakura’s nervous sweat drops.
  • Drink whenever Kero drinks! Then, make-out with an inanimate object. Eat when Yuki eats, making out is optional, but suggested.
  • Drink whenever Yuki is a pimp. Come to think of it, just drink whenever Yuki is on screen. Sing “It’s Gendou,” but replace “Gendou” with “Yuki.”
  • Drink once whenever Tomo uses her camcorder, use an empty bottle/glass as a camera. Drink if Tomo mentions she forgot either her camcorder or a battle costume for Sakura.
  • Drink if Sakura is wearing a battle costume. Drink twice, if it is related to the episode’s theme, for example, Alice in Wonderland or music. If a player is wearing the episode’s battle costume, he/she does not have to drink for that scene.
  • Drink if your favorite relationship is on screen, ie. Sakura/Tomo, Rika/Sensei, Kero/Food, Yuki/Everybody!, etc.
  • Drink if Toya’s occupation is integral to the episode’s plot, like working at the aquarium in “Sakura’s Heart-Racing First Date.”
  • Take a break during the episode’s “Leave it to Kero.” Come to think of it, just take a breather during the credits. Toast Kero in the final “Leave it to Kero” segment. (If possible, blame his segment’s cancellation on FOX executives.)
  • Don’t drink when Meilin succeeds at something she plans to do. If she receives a compliment, you also don’t have to drink. If Li actually helps Meilin do something, without being passive-aggressive, you don’t have to drink at all this Act. If Meilin fails at doing something, drink once. Drink twice, if Li is somehow responsible for her failure. Blame it all on Meilin.
  • Drink whenever Mizuki mysteriously appears in the scene as if from nowhere. Drink twice, if Yuki appears soon after her arrival.
  • Drink if Li gives Mizuki the “evil eye.”
  • Drink if magic is used to enhance certain qualities in people or things, like Rei’s running abilities or the sweetness of cakes.
  • Drink if Toya calls Sakura a “monster.” Do your best Godzilla impression or mimic Sakura stomping her brother.
  • Drink if Toya and Sakura fight about chores. If Sakura wins the argument, you don’t have to drink. If Sakura loses the argument, drink and grab a broom to sweep up dirt.
  • Drink if Sakura has her Tokyo Tower dream. Drink twice, if she realizes an important detail about the dream (ie. that Mizuki is watching her).
  • Drink yourself into a stupor before, during, and after watching Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie dubbed. You won’t need the brain cells to appreciate it anyway. Seriously, who hired these people?! Kero is not a surfer.

If you like these drinking rules, I also found a general anime drinking game.

This post is subject to edit without reason, since we haven’t seen the entire series, so new rules could be added later. It does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen Cardcaptor Sakura. Many of these rules involve audience participation, so be careful. Share and Enjoy!

Editor’s Notes

My Old Blog was resurrected by servermancy recently;  however, I had already decided to scrap the old Literary Napkin and use the Azureloudnoise subdomain for a game development blog (ala The World of Notch).  Thus, the above post is a continuation of Literary (Napkin) Classics, but is pretty much me just copy and pasting directly from the Old Blog. I’ll come up with more original material!


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