Thabbashite Hustle

The Hustler in Thabbashite Hustle

Well since my last post detailing my initial thoughts on The Spoils TCG, I have since entered the brave new world of competitive customizable card games.  I’ve begun work on my first deck and participated in a limited draft tournament at the local game shop. I still consider myself a causal player, mostly due to my lack of resources. I have, however, learned a lot more about the game.

Ever since I played Star Wars CCG, I’ve loved deck design. It’s like character building in Dungeons and Dragons, but with more intricate working parts. After playing a few games with Yutaka with his starter kit decks, which are wonderful to learn the game with but poorly constructed for real play, I have build a deck using the few cards I have at my disposal. I’m on a budget, so the cards are used are those I hacked from the starter kit, the Arcanist and Rogue pre-constructed decks, and the cards I got from the tournament.

Recur Text is an Arcanist's Best Friend!

The original version of “Thabbashite Hustle” was built in about ninety minutes, using primarily starter and Seed One cards. The cards from this version have since been excised from the deck, though some appear in my side board. A side board is a set of spare cards you use to enhance your deck if another deck has more cards, or you have specialized defenses against specialized decks. Yutaka recommended I keep one for when I play against other constructed decks. The cards listed below are only those in the 75 card version of my deck.










Resources and Faction

I designed this deck when I noticed I had multiple copies of Roulette Wheel of DOOM!. From playing the starter decks, I liked the Rogue cards. Then I remembered other cards with the same mechanics as Roulette Wheel, specifically Lucky Bastard, which I saw in Yutaka’s collection. Since I had bought pre-constructed Rogue and Arcanist decks, I had the faction Moist Cave of the Darkpump, which allows you to see the top card on your deck. This would allow me to look at the top card of my deck early in the game, allowing me to set up for when I can use Rigged Tables to spy on my opponent’s deck. Lucky Bastard is an excellent combat card when you know both cards in the deck. When Yutaka played with my deck last weekend, he used the removal from play mechanic to remove one of the key cards in the Warlord deck he loaned me.

It’s not perfect. But a thumbnail version of this deck was created from the booster packs we were using in the draft tournament. With this version, I was able to not get in last place! This was mostly because my opponent was tired and I was able to fend off his attacks with a Mesmerizing Enchantress with a Rusty Pickaxe. The Mesmerizing Enchantress is one of my favorite defenders, since she gives you amnesty for a turn to build up your forces and set up your cards.

Micromajigs- The Bane of My Existance!

Since I originally built this deck to play against Yutaka’s Micromajig deck, I included Domain of Depravity and Harbinger of Anguish to remove pesky 1 Life Characters. Not only are these cards effective against Micromajig tokens (1 Life/1 Strength/3 Speed), but they can also be used to quickly sacrifice Ensorcelled Familiar, activating its Recur text, thus allowing you to pull a Tactic from your Discard pile. In my side board, I have Maxwell Cockswagger (yes, that is the character’s name!), who is a Micromajig killing machine!  Lugubrious Finger Trap is for those even peskier 3p1c D00dm4k3rs.

I plan on improving on the Arcanist portion of the deck, specifically using Arcanist’s ability to manipulate Tactics. If I had the resources, I’d use the Arcane Research engine described on Team Covenant. I do, however, plan on adding more Witty Worm and Wanton Wizard to this deck. I also might add more Obscene Astrologer and Otter Floss. Woadenworm Gloamspike is included in order to give my non-Flip-Up Rogue Tactics Flip-Up, allowing for better resource management and a more user-friendly Tactics suite. Once I’ve built a mono-Arcanist deck, I’ll probably be able to dial in on the exact requirements for the Thabbashites of “Thabbashite Hustle.”

This Sunday is another tournament. I think it’s one where we use the Competition Decks and a few booster packs to construct a deck. I’ll probably get more cards and test my skill against other players a bit more, so I’ll no doubt get more deck ideas. I also might be able to better describe the social aspects of CCGs a bit better, since this post is only really about my deck.

Until then remember- at Gloamspike’s Casino the house always wins and drives you insane!


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