Godhood & You!

Is life getting you down? Are you not getting ahead at work? Did your girlfriend break up with you? Do you spend your days playing World of Warcraft and eating potato chips on your couch?  Now is the time to turn your life by becoming a god!

Did you know nowadays anybody can become a god? It’s not nearly as difficult as the Old Gods say. If you can change people’s minds, convince them that you’re worthy of worship, then you can be a god! It’s just that simple.

Humans naturally create the necessary magical energies required to allow a person to manipulate the very core of reality. Whenever something weird happens, it’s because a human thought it up. Your friendly, neighborhood vampire wouldn’t exist, if a human hadn’t imagined the bloodsucking, nocturnal monster in the first place. The same is true for gods. They exist because humans supply them with the worship necessary to continue their deathless existence. Despite what your priest, rabbi, or local cult leader will tell you, human belief not the gods reshape reality!

According to a market analyst working at Bell Labs, the human body produces a minimum of 10 Magic Points (MP) per day! That may not seem like a lot of magic. But when you consider that there are 7 billion people on Earth, each with his or her own beliefs and desires, our planet is overloaded with magic. (It’s only a matter of time before it is destroyed at the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012!)

So how can you harness this power? First, you need to get off the couch and Level Up! A Level 1 Player Character produces 14 MP/day, allowing him or her access to abilities beyond the comprehension of normal humans. Once you’ve got your first PC Class Level, you should use your newfound awesomness to adventure and shit. While adventuring, you’ll end up meeting like-minded people, who are also seeking Ultimate Power. You’ll also end up with a few followers of your own. (Pro Tip: If you help them out and train them, they produce more MP. A Level 1 NPC produces 12 MP/day.) Once you get enough followers, you can buy new abilities, items, and even godhood itself!

How many followers do you need before you can purchase that awesome Feat you’ve been long for? According to the great minds at Bell Labs, a PC needs 10,000 MP or about 1,000 followers to get 1 God Point (GP). God Points can be used to purchase Stat increases, rerolls, and Action Points per day. They can also be permanently spent, lowering your overall MP pool, for persistent benefits. These persistent benefits include more spell slots, increased Hit Die, a Feat, and even a Node to store your GP pool. The PC with the most GP wins.

Upon achieving godhood, a PC can reshape the universe in the way he or she sees fit when the apocalypse starts in the year 2012!

Editor’s Note: The above is a rough set of rules for determining the amount of magical energy gods and PCs have for my homebrew setting Saecularum. The math is all Yutaka’s. The in-universe flavor text is mine.


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