The Life, Death, and Zombification of Literary Napkin

Yutaka works his black magic on my Old Blog!

In the times of yore, during the Great Employment Gap of 2008-2010, my friend Yutakabareru & I decided to publish a Heroes webcomic inspired by Darths and Droids. This was the first gamer-related content to go up on our server It lasted a couple of months before the server died and we moved out of my apartment.

During that time, I joined Twitter, becoming active in the gaming and pop culture scene on that social network. I tweeted about the games I was playing, the movies I was watching, and the webcomics I was reading. I also used it to promote our webcomic. When the first ALN server went down, I kept my personal Twitter account.

I continued tweeting during my Failed Teaching Expedition in Korea. When I returned to the United States around May 2010, I implored my friend to set up another ALN server so that way I could blog. He relented and the old Literary Napkin was born!

Since it was inspired by a request on Twitter to post my Morgrave Course Catalog, the Old Blog was primarily Eberron and D&D related. I posted about the setting I ran the most games in, and even during NaNoWriMo, posted my Eberron fan-novel The Brienne Chronicles. Unfortunately, the Old Blog died with the second ALN server!

The second ALN server has since been resurrected. Yutaka has used his powers of servermancy to create a zombie Literary Napkin! I had, however, already created a New Blog- the one you’re reading on Needless to say, if I hadn’t already planned for this eventuality, I would be stumped on what to do with two blogs!

Blogs are not Zombies!

Each blog would have different content! The New Blog is meant to have a broader focus than merely D&D and Eberron. It currently covers many of the topics I tweet about, including pop culture, tabletop gaming, and even video games.  Thus the Old Blog will retain it’s tabletop roleplaying game focus, but will instead be a game development blog- much like The Word of Notch. It will eventually focus on a possible tabletop game Yutaka and I plan on publishing via the interwebs under the new title, Decipher Script. You can find posts from the Old Blog in the Literary (Napkin) Classics series.  At the moment, it is a zombie blog.

The moral of this story:  Friends don’t let friends turn blogs into zombies!


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